Data Annotation

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Industries need Artificial Intelligence services to transform their business’s framework. Artificial intelligence provides companies with high-quality tools and a robust structure to upscale their business. Our Dataset collection and Annotation services help companies create an efficient and effective workforce and bring a significant change.

Dataset Collection

Collecting and generating high-quality data and data sets is our forte. Contact us if you want a training dataset!


Dataset Annotation

We offer data annotation services for your datasets with various types of annotation using the best tools. Get in touch to get your dataset annotated!

Model Validation

After annotation comes the most vital part of model validation to test the efficacy of your dataset. If you are done with dataset annotation, contact us to test and improve predictions!


// Annotation Services


Bounding Box Annotation

One of the most used dataset annotations is the bounding box. It is an imaginary rectangle that detects and bounds the object in a box.


Polygon Annotation

Our AI services include an effective technique for autonomous driving is Polygon Annotation. It defines irregular shapes with precision.


Landmark Annotation

Landmark annotation is the best to label specific and sequential points for object recognition. It is widely used for facial and gesture recognition or motion detection.


Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation annotation enables the computer vision to group objects of the same class in an image.


Video Annotation

A necessary annotation to label and extract video clips is video annotation. It annotates objects frame-by-frame for detection in videos, so machine learning models can recognize them.


3D Annotation

To add dimensions to an object, you need 3D annotation. It displays objects in 3D to define them in a detailed and comprehensive model.