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Unlock the full potential of your video data with cutting-edge Video Annotation services from SO Development.

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SO Development is at the forefront of Video Annotation services, providing tailored solutions to enhance the capabilities of your machine learning projects in the realm of video analysis. Our expert team excels in tasks such as object tracking, activity recognition, and temporal annotation, ensuring that every frame is meticulously annotated for optimal algorithm training. Whether you’re developing applications for surveillance, autonomous vehicles, or content analysis, SO Development’s video annotation services contribute to the precision and efficiency of your machine learning models.

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Video annotation extends the principles of image annotation into the temporal domain, catering to the intricate nature of moving images. It involves the meticulous labeling of frames within a video sequence, enabling models to understand the dynamics of visual scenes over time. Tasks within video annotation include action recognition, where models learn to identify specific activities, and object tracking, allowing algorithms to follow objects as they move across frames.

What sets SO Development apart is our commitment to delivering high-quality labeled data in the dynamic world of video annotation. From frame-by-frame labeling to detailed object detection, our video annotation services are designed to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Trust SO Development to be your reliable partner, providing expertly annotated video data that advances the accuracy and reliability of your machine learning applications in the rapidly evolving landscape of video analytics.

Video Annotation

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Bounding Box Annotation

One of the most used dataset annotations is the bounding box. It is an imaginary rectangle that detects and bounds the object in a box.


Polygon Annotation

Our Polygon Annotation services define precise boundaries for complex shapes, enhancing object shape understanding in videos with intricate outlines.


Key Point Annotation

Our Point Annotation services identify and mark key points in videos, crucial for applications like key point detection and image analysis.


Semantic Segmentation

Enhance image analysis with Semantic Segmentation. Our experts assign pixel-level labels, enabling precise understanding and categorization of image elements.

Line Annotation

Line Annotation

Line annotation marks video lines, crucial for tasks like path recognition, road mapping, and object orientation, enhancing machine learning accuracy.


3D Cuboid Annotation

Effortlessly navigate 3D data with our 3D Cuboid Annotation services, ensuring accurate labeling for applications like autonomous vehicles.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition annotation analyzes videos, annotating features, expressions, and identities, supporting security, retail, and diverse applications.

Action Recognition

Action Recognition

Boost video analysis with Action Recognition annotation. Experts identify and categorize actions in video sequences for advanced understanding.


Object Tracking

Enhance scenes with Object Tracking services, annotating continuous object movement for valuable data in tracking algorithms.

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