Win-Win Referral Program

Need a new long-term revenue stream for yourself? Connect Us with Your Network,
and Earn Money with Our Referral Partner Program 


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Connect Us with Your Network

SO Development is a dedicated and professional social enterprise passionate about delivering service excellence, high-quality solutions, and a great customer experience. We create innovative solutions that deliver compelling outsourcing services, creating value for shareholders, clients, and employees while maintaining a broad commitment to strengthen the social impact by offering unparalleled opportunities for people affected by conflicts.

We have meaningful and unique ongoing referrals from our partners that help our clients to grow widely. So we have developed our referral program to share recurring commissions with our partners to ease the connection between both of us with the social network provided.
We welcome anyone in the industry to share their contacts and benefit financially from referring. As a member of our Referral Partner Program, you will receive a commission on any contract that SO Development holds with your client.

The more accurate the project goes, the greater earnings you will receive.The point of our program is to establish a fruitful long-term business with our referral partners and we will give you the assistant you need.
It will  enable you to better communicate with the clients who will convert into revenue for you. If you will join us as a partner you would acquire a high quality experience, professionalism, and growth.If you have any questions, be free to ask about our services.

// How It Works

The 3 Simple Steps to Receiving Your Referral Commission

Join Our Win-Win Referral ⇒

Submit you information and we'll reach out to you with more details about the programe.

Become a Referral Partner ⇒

We'll then send over a referral partner agreement that will break down all of the long-term benefits of your membership on the program.

Start Referring Program

At this point, all you'll have to do is submit the referral information. We'll contact the referral directly and close out the deal. You will then recieve up to 10% of the project's closing numbers.

Have questions about the services that we can offer your network? Let’s get on a call to answer all of your questions so that you can get to referring and earning.

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What We Actually Do

SO Development provides a continuum of support to customers along the development spectrum. We deliver solutions across six principal outsourcing areas:

  1. Data Annotation
  2. Software Development
  3. Customized Workforce Solutions

  4. Design Services
  5. Training & Capacity Building
  6. Financial Services

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As an outsourcing agency, we provide a wide range of professional services

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From IT to Finance we have all industries covered